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Example planning

The ground plan is designed around the central hall whose transparency connects it to the environment. A line of classrooms is attached at right-angles to the hall (cross-shaped design). Two classrooms share one sanitary unit, which is recessed from the hall area, thus creating a small play area in the hallway. The services section is organised on the ground level. The lounge and study areas for teachers are placed on a mezzanine floor above.  

Play area 1: Different floor prints enable diverse design of the surroundings.

Play area 2: The hall is widened by recessing the wall of the sanitary unit, which creates a larger bay that serves as a small common play area.  

Play area 3: The play areas are connected by a circular path, which passes under the roofed section of the terrace and through the expanded play area into the sanitary unit.  

Play area 4: The sanitary unit connects the two play areas with a unique play piece (a fountain-shaped funnel), placed in front of a panoramic window. 

Play area 5: An interior play area wall is replaced by a cabinet that includes storage for folding beds.  

Play area 6: The landing with play area bays is raised for the entire length of the windows.

Multi-purpose hall: Different floor surfaces create areas earmarked for various activities, and movable cupboard units enable the maximum use of space.

An example of a ground plan of an entire kindergarten