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Eco kindergarten

Kindergartens, made from modular units, provide a solution for how to provide safe and comfortable living spaces while also ensuring environmental relief, particularly in living solutions intended for the young.
In addition to children growing up in an environment that minimises energy waste and pollution, as much as possible, the eco kindergarten also represents a practical example, for children, of how to identify and select environmentally sound solutions.

The environmentally friendly characteristics of the eco kindergarten are readily visible at its erection and construction.  A low consumption of energy, and the quantity of waste, are key. This means building for the lowest noise, waste, and air emission levels; as well as engaging in as few activities as possible that affect the original state of the environment.  By erecting a modular kindergarten, we do not have an irreversible and profound effect on the natural environment, because construction does not require deep excavation, cutting down trees, and laying large quantities of concrete. Additionally, kindergartens themselves are made from natural and minimally processed materials, or processed using environmentally friendly materials.  Energy, required for living, is obtained from renewable natural energy sources.

The Trimo modular kindergarten is a 3rd millennium kindergarten – both ecologically and ergonomically in regard to design and architecture. With the possibility of adjusting the shape and colours, it can easily blend in with natural surroundings and the architecture of the landscape.