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Modular kindergarten

Trimo’s Modular Kindergarten 

Trimo has 30 years of experience in the area of modular units manufacturing. Over 40,000 units have been sold and implemented during this time period. 

Most modular kindergartens and schools have been built for the most demanding EU markets (Germany, Austria, Italy, and Denmark). Living conditions in Trimo’s kindergartens are in compliance with all standards and regulations, and the use of top-quality contemporary materials and advanced manufacturing procedures guarantee their long life-span.  


Kindergartens, made from modular units, represent an excellent solution when a quick response to increased spatial needs is required. They are constructed in the shortest time possible – in a month or two – and the high-quality construction allows them to be used for a longer period of time.


Enlargement or the scaling-down of facilities, expansion or reduction of individual units, as well as changing the intended function – can all be carried out quickly and simply. The modular unit solution also allows them to be transferred to a different location.                                        

The aesthetic functionality and energy-saving characteristics of Trimo’s modular kindergartens are present also in the form of optional secondary roofs, a selection of various façades, mineral wool-panel insulation, and colours which can be used in different combinations.

Kindergartens can be one or two stories high. Safety and comfort of the living area are in compliance with all valid kindergarten-related regulations and standards of the Republic of Slovenia: an ensured minimum interior height of 3 m; and the compliance with, or rather exceeded, required safety and living standards.  

Favourable Price  

Trimo’s modular kindergartens are a wise ecological choice in every way, for they are, in addition to the afore-mentioned, distinguished by a favourable price. Additionally, the precise data on the value of the investment is completely transparent.